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E R P  Product Solutions

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Customized for Customer Needs

Agricultural Equipment Industry
Paint Industry
Retail & Ecommerce Industry
Service Industry
Engineering Industry


SAAS base Model
Built using Oracle, Apex and I-Reports Hosted on AWS high-end servers

CRM & Sales CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

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Automates Customer follow-ups
Automates Sales follow-ups
Hierarchical sales person Management
Lead  & Opportunity Management
Contact Management
Calendar notification for follow-ups SMS and Email
Reports & Sales Dashboards
Customer and Sales Tracker
View opportunities by product, territory, salesperson
Track salesperson

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Inventory/Warehouse Management System

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Purchase Entry across all branches using Barcode or manual. Inventory maintained centrally and auto update when new item purchased.


Inventory Control

 Software maintains supplier list, supports reorder at any time. Inventory stock report branch wise or all. Stock adjustments and auto update when purchased or consumed.



Warehouse picking refers to the process where individual items are picked from a fulfillment facility to satisfy customers' orders. It's an essential aspect of order fulfillment and is considered one of the most expensive and labor-intensive activities for warehouses.


Inventory Transfer

Transfer inventory items between warehouse or across branches, automatic update of inventories when transferred and received.  PUT AWAY JOB - Moving of Inventory from one location to another within the Warehouse.(Inter Warehouse Movement Tracking and changing)


Inventory Consumable

 Inventory consumed through Delivery channel or Invoice. When item is used for project or work assignment inventory is updated.


Inventory Reports

Ease the pain of product recalls, stay in control of expiring stock and fulfill orders using a First in First Out (FIFO) logic to maintain positive relationships with customers. Consume products which are near to customer site reduce cost and time.


Inventory Tracking

This is your item description. Use this space to add a description of the services, products, team members or any other items you want to highlight on your site. Have a lot to say? Easily turn any item into a full page by clicking ‘Create a page from this item’ in the edit panel.


User Access Control

Security restrictions. Control who has access to inventory and assign view option to that inventory item to another user. User access defined for branch, for that inventory. With super admin to mange all users.

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WMS can be Integrated with any existing ERP Systems


Audit Trail & History

Full audit trail settings allow logging of every activity happening on inventory. Users can see history of events on any inventory item. Administrators and managers can query audit logs using various time, user and location criteria.

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Warehouse Management Flow

Accurate.  Analytical. Smart. Simplified. Cost Effective

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AI & ML in Inventory Management

Inventory Optimization: Right amount of stock, at the right time. Never overstock or under stock your inventory again. Automated demand forecasting.

Demand prediction of inward  and outward inventories in  WMS

Inventory management and cost reduction of supply chain process using AI and ML algorithms

Inventory optimization using machine learning for warehouse management system

Developed using various machine learning algorithm such as ARIMA, seasonal Arima and LSTM

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E-commerce Platform

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  • Ecommerce Platform provides users with a clean, quick, and effective user interface.

  • The Platform provides a product card view list and selection screen to display all products and include prices in rupees.

  • The standard ‘shopping cart’ functionality, allowing users to add single or multiple products to their shopping carts.

  • Users able to view a ‘quick glance’ of their shopping cart and what has been added to it, along with an order total at the top of the screen.

  • Check out options with Available Discounts.

  • Account creation after agreeing for terms & conditions. Payment Gateway Integration.

  • Upon confirmation of the order, a unique order number created on the system and emailed to the users registered email address.

  • Users should be able to purchase access to the products for a pre-determined period by default.

  • A single user should not be able to purchase access to more than a set number of products.

  • The client list held on the system for validation purposes within the application's database in encrypted form.

  • The administration interface must be locked down so only specific users can gain access.

  • The administration console must be able to manage product pricing, both across numerous products and cater for variations in pricing across different types of products on the site.

  • The administration console must be able to update the existing client list for payment validation.

  • The administration functionality of the e-commerce module provides all industry-standard information in order to track key e-commerce metrics.

   This includes :    

  1. Dashboard which includes total sales, orders, latest orders.

  2. System activities, order history / reports.

  3. Customer information, sales, transaction times/dates/trends.

  4. Product management, Costs and Deal Management

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Vendor Management System

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Online Vendor Management

  • The vendor can raise quotations online by clicking the URL to specific orders.

  • Validate the best quotation.

  • Queries/Responses to vendor and approval system



  • Products based on SKU and Lot.

  • Number Vendor Master set preferred vendor and other details.

  • Order Control Value: Set Rules for orders based monetary amount



  • Approved Orders

  • Rejected Orders

  • Pending Orders

  • Compare Prices



  • Order Trends.

  • Compare price based on Historical rates.

  • Quotation Trends.

  • Product Trend- Know top 10 products based on sales.

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Customizable Events and Rewards Platform

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Main Function


Enable various use cases that are typically part of any business where rewarding and recognizing any action by the stakeholders is required.


For example, a distributor can reward his wholesalers for selling a certain quantity of a product. The “selling” is the event that will be rewarded.


The reward is determined by the rules defined by the campaign which runs for a specific duration.


The reward rules can be any custom rule for which the custom implementation (for each use case implementation) will be required or a client can use generic rules like a percentage of sale value, fixed value reward based on bands of sales, etc.


The product is implemented in such a way that the event and reward can be anything. There is no restriction on the kind of events and rewards.


The customization can be achieved by defining the attributes of users and events.


The platform allows upload of events using CSV format and provides various REST APIs to achieve the required use case.

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Agrismart Product

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Smart Features on one Platform

  • Agriculture equipment, implements, and spares.

  • Various government (state and central) subsidies.

  • Billing single or multiple branches with and without subsidy.

  • Farmers Data.

  • Subsidy Management – Track and manage the subsidy amounts from farmers to dealers.

  • Inventory Management.

  • CRM for Farmers.

  • Platform to sell overstock inventory to dealers of AgriSmart software.

  • Bank statement Integration.

  • All types of Ledgers-company, customer, supplier, dealer, ADA & CHSC


  • SAAS base Model.

  • Built using Oracle, Apex and       I-Reports.

  • Hosted on AWS high end servers

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