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More About Us

  • InteeData platform is developed to solve various challenges related to complex data migration with 20 years of experience in executing most complex data migration projects.

  • We believe successful and cost-effective Data Migrations can be achieved only with a well-planned migration strategy and a proven Migration framework. At Inteedata we have learned all pitfalls of migration process during our 20 years of experience and built our own proprietary data migration platform to solve all migration related challenges and make each migration project 100% successful.

  • InteeData robust platform is built on 3R Principles ; Reliable, Repeatable and Reusable. InteeData platform is available on Cloud and On-premise.

  • InteeData is an innovative platform and developed to solve complex  PLM/ERP/CRM and other data migrations using One Platform , instead of using several expensive and inefficient tools.

  • Inteedata is  a state of the art technology and platform to migrate data from one system another system, and one database to another database. Migration as top speed that reduces cost, risk and time.

  • An in-house, standardized, Reliable, Repeatable, Reusable platform called Inteedata Data Migration Platform that takes care of all your data migration needs. Inteedata is designed and built to enable a rules driven migration that ensures seamless integration of multiple components. It’s tool agnostic nature will ensures customer’s existing investments are maximized.

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Key Features

  • Designed to work with multiple source and target systems

  • Available in multiple flavors for varied Migration Needs

  • Automatic Performance tuning and code versioning

  • Customized Reporting capability (Easy Monitoring and Scheduling features)

  • Reusable Components-Code Generator for Transformation, source and target  objects creation, Automatic target specific validation rules generation, Loader and output file generation (DDMF Framework  will ensure reduced overall cost)

  • Multiple level profile reporting capability  (DAN’s 3 Level Profile reporting capability of evaluating and identifying the content and structure of source data that has quality issues enable source system owners to cleanse the data at very early stage)

  • Supports Real-time Synchronization capability(Integrates with Oracle’s Golden Gate product)

  • Supports very high volume of data (Auditable, Controlled and automated migration process for even high volume of data)

  • Complex Product Mappings and Rules (DDMF uses proven Product Mapping and Field Mapping framework, that provides a structured approach in implementing complex product mappings and product mapping rules)

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Inteedata's End-to-End Migration Approach

Data Migrations are critical for the success of transformations and yet most either fail outright or suffer significant cost overruns and/or delays. Success of migration project is dependent on the quality of data and the outcome of migration.

  • Migration Strategy, Consulting, Roadmap and Planning.

  • Data Governance and Mining, Source Data Analysis, Multi-Layer Data Profiling.

  • Fixing data anomalies, inconsistencies, Parsing, Correcting, Standardizing.

  • De-duplication, Matching and Consolidation.

  • Migration Solutioning (Bespoke, COTS based, Business entity driven).

  • Migration Executions (Big Bang, Phased, Incremental, Real-time, etc.).

  • Cut-Over & Go-Live support (Focus on risk-reduction and performance maintenance).

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How InteeData is different?


Empowers business users to see 360 degree of data in End to End data migration process, and provides faster user adoption with greater effectiveness, through simple web-based UI


No/minimum coding-  Reduces the efforts for writing complex code for transformation- Re-usable algorithms for most of transformation process


Accelerate the data migration – all while reducing risk and cost


Readily available domain specific Data Quality and Validation Rule Catalogues.


Identifies the failures upfront – Platform will generate Fallout reports before Loading data onto any Target systems


Configurable Data connectors for many databases, helps to extract data from databases to files


End2End reconciliation and auditing- making sure that all customer information can be traced back and that no business entities are missed out.

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